Saturday, November 30, 2013

Florida Memories, Part 1

We are home is chilly West Virginia where snow still lingers on the hills in places. We had such a fine time in Florida, with many memories of fun times to hold us until we can go back to see our son again.

At Bayside on Tuesday. It was pretty windy, with a little spray in the air--and on the camera lens apparently.

A nice tourist took a photo for us. The sun was beginning to break through, and although there were a few showers, they lasted only minutes and didn't affect our fun in the least.

 Cindhy and I went on a tour boat that took us around Miami's bay, where many movie stars and celebrities have homes. Lots here (small ones at that) sell for about 5 million dollars.

I don't know who this man was, but he was so happy to have his photo taken with our flag.

 Monument Island in the bay is a public park; anyone can go there. Imagine the value of that piece of real estate.

I can't remember who owned which of the houses we saw on the bay, but I do remember this one: the angular modern white one on the left of the photo below is George Clooney's. I like his movies, but can't say I like his house.

Pretty, pretty, pretty--and so pricey! This is certainly one of the playgrounds of the rich and famous.

I had a fine time exploring Bayside with Cindhy. I am not much of a shopping mall person, but it was fun to look in shop windows, and people-watch. We had a fantastic lunch sitting beside the bay, a perfect finish to our day.

The next morning found us on our way to Key West. I still can't get over the color of the water! It was windy again--note to self, take hair ties with me next time. I think we were on Key Largo here, but I am not sure, as the road goes from one island to another so quickly it's hard to know where you are. I thought a lot about the movie and about Humphrey Bogart while we were passing through. I need to watch that film again now that I've been there.

 With two of my favorite men:

Tom with Cindhy:

Greens, blues, aqua...seaside colors really are so restful.

A small key (island) all by its lonesome. There are about 80 islands in the Florida Keys.

This is a railroad bridge that borders the seven-mile bridge along the route to Key West. The railroad bridge was completed in 1913 by Henry Flagler who wanted a way to facilitate development of Florida and the Keys.

The old bridge that was replaced by the new seven mile bridge is still standing in places and is used as a walking/biking trail.

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