Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Off on a New Adventure

Where am I right now? I am feeling warm tropical breezes under palm trees while cold rain and snow, I hear, are pummeling the homeplace. I am in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, visiting my youngest son. It has been a heavenly day. Here are a few photos, taken while my son's girlfriend treated me to a day at Bayside in Miami:

The view from the air, coming into Miami. Cities are so beautiful at night.

The tour boat was passed by this pirate boat. Actually, of course, it was just another tour.

Looking back at the city from the bay.

The color of the water changed quickly depending on the sun and clouds.

The cargo ships unloading fascinated me. I wonder if I will be using something that was being unloaded as I passed by today.

More pics coming!

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Lovely photos - cold and snowy here in Oh. More on the way. ENJOY. Hugs, B

JJM said...

I am so glad you have the opportunity to get all this travel time in! And, selfishly, just as glad you are taking us along in your stories. Thank you.--Mario R.

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