Friday, December 20, 2013

Christmas Trees Past

I was looking through some old photos this evening, and found several of past Christmas trees. I thought it might be fun to put them together in one post. So, in no particular order:

2010--our first "Charlie Brown" tree in years. I still like these kinds of trees; maybe next year we'll get another one. These are simply field-cut trees from somewhere on our property--not perfect, fairly bare in fact, but so easy to decorate. And they hold well too.

2011, and another Charlie Brown tree. The new bookshelves too the spot we'd been using for several years so we got a smaller tree.

2002, before the log room was built. Finding a post for a tree in our small house was always a challenge. This was an artificial tree, I believe, bought because my allergies were so bad then. This one was all gold and white with bits of red; I don't theme my trees these days, preferring all the colors instead of just a few.

2005, just after the log room was finally complete. We were still using the same artificial tree, but it seemed a lot smaller in the log room.

And this year's tree--full of balls and color!

Oddly, I could not find photos from every year since I've been taking them digitally. I am wondering if some were lost when my external hard drive crashed. How sad that would be! But as it is, my photos seem to be scattered all over the place on this computer and I can see I need to do some serious organizing if I am to find anything in the future.

It was fun looking for them anyway, and traveling back through memories of so many life events. Not quite as nice as looking through an album, but almost!

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Sue said...

What fun you have with the tree. Ours looks nearly the same, every year.

It's cool that you change it up!


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