Sunday, January 5, 2014

Ravenswood Booth Expansion

As promised, here are photos at our Ravenswood Riverbend Antique Mall booth. This has been our best-selling location since June, and we celebrated by expanding yet again into a fourth space. The first picture is of a dinette set we've had for a while; it is currently in the display window at Riverbend. The table has a blue porcelain edge to it, with 2 leaves that pull out, a drawer and 4 chairs.

Here is the new space.It's adjacent to our other areas but for now we've left it divided as a separate booth to give us a "wall" to back furniture up against.

The lamp is Fenton, the chest is definitely chippy/primitive. I've been considering changing the blue knobs for crystal ones. What do you think?

This is another chippy piece; it's oak under the paint but I really like this eggshell-pink color with the brass pulls. If it doesn't sell as is, it might be a candidate for refinishing--as soon as Larry finishes the mega million other projects he has going at the moment.

 This nice oak table came with two chairs that sold immediately. The table has been modified so it does not expand, and I've priced it low to reflect the fact that it's not in its original state. At $75, I think it's a good buy.

Sweet little dressing table in oak needed only a little tightening and cleaning up when we found it.

I considered painting this desk before putting it in the booth, but decided to let its new owners have that fun.

Nice primitive iron piece for the garden sits on top of an oak primitive table.

And another oak table, this one is beautiful condition.

I loved this flatwall kitchen cabinet. It has owl decals on the doors which I considered removing but we left them in place; another possible repaint candidate if it doesn't sell within a reasonable time.

Looking into the new booth. I can still add lots of stuff to it, especially on the back wall.

Another addition is the curio cabinet lent to me by the mall's owner, to display jewelry. It has lights which I'll be hooking up soon. The footstool in front was an estate sale find.

That's a quick tour of the new booth. I'll post photos of our Athens booth, which we downsized, tomorrow. So stay tuned for the next episode in As the Resale World Turns.


Grandma Susan said...

Hi! Try to stop at Riverbend whenever I go to Charleston. I too have expanded to 2 booths at the Parkersburg Antique Mall and 2 at Nostalgia. Have you left Marietta? Your new space looks great!

Granny Sue said...

Hi Susan! We stop by your booths at Parkersburg whenever we get a chance :) I haven't found Nostalgia yet. I am still in Marietta and have 3 booths there. It does steady business; Athens has been a slow start so we're just waiting to see if things pick up there. December was a good month at all 3 locations, which was nice.

Nance said...

I love it all but particularly the blue chrome dinette and chairs. You coming to Iowa anytime soon : )

Quinn said...

I've been looking for a new large mixing bowl to replace the one that slipped through my fingers a while ago and smashed. After a fruitless trip to my favorite thrift shop yesterday, I found myself thinking, "Bet I could find something special if I could only poke around in Granny Sue's shop!" I really enjoy these posts :)

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