Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Recent Finds, New and Sold

It's been a good month for junking! We haven't been to an auction in months but I am finding lots of new things at all sorts of other places. Here are some additions to both home and to our stock for our booths:

This gorgeous mirror needed only new backing paper and a good cleaning. It's in near perfect condition.

The lamp itself is not new but the shade is. The red oil was in a red lamp I just added to our Ravenswood booth; I had to pour the oil out so that the lamp could be packed up safely if sold. The shade was a flea market find.

 This lamp was put together in pieces. I found the base at a thrift shop and the shade was in an auction lot last spring. I had to find a tall chimney for it too--it's a keeper now and I really love its warm golden glow.

The two glass birds are also new, and are additions to my ever-growing flock!

Found on Facebook, of all places, this was once a set of eight and came in a carrier similar to this one. I had to decide: find one more tumbler or find a 6-glass rack. I found the rack first and that turned out to be a good thing because one of the glasses had a tiny chip I did not see at first. This set is by Culver, mid-century and in high demand by viewers of Mad Men. It's currently listed on eBay.

 We do discover surprises at antique malls too, like this unusual decanter. You know how when you see something and you know it's good but you're not sure just why? That was the case with this beautiful bottle. It's heavy clear glass with a rough pontil on the bottom (pontil is the round, sometimes rough spot on the bottom of most handblown glass). It was priced very low so I took a chance. As it turns out, this is a Blenko piece made in 1994 by Hank Adams. It will be listed on eBay soon,  because that is the place to find collectors of Blenko glass. Blenko was made here in West Virginia, not far from where I live, and have been leaders in art glass for years. The paperweight has been in my collection for several years; I like the way it looked on top of the candlestick.

These wine glasses are in the same category as the Blenko decanter--they caught my eye and I went back to look at them three times before we left the antique mall. I finally bought them and when I looked them up learned that they were handblown, handpainted glass from Romania. They're about 11" tall, very striking. These are already listed on eBay.

Another mall find, this little ginger jar sold quickly on eBay for a nice profit. Made by Mason's and called Vista, this little beauty was in perfect condition.

We stopped at a tiny antiques store in a small town and this huge blue jug immediately caught my eye. It's another piece of Blenko, 16 inches tall and 10 inches across, just a stunner.

A Goodwill find: pretty little Fenton fairy lamp in iridescent ice blue. This is already sold. Fenton is another West Virginia glassmaker. They closed for a year or so, and prices skyrocketed. The plant is open and producing beautiful glass again. I have never visited their plant but I need to do that soon.

More West Virginia glass-this white pitcher is by Kanawha Glass. It took a bit to identify it. Generally this pitcher shape is overlaid with a color, leaving the white interior. I did not find another all-white one and this sold in minutes when I listed it.

Don't you love these pink plates? These are buttons and bows pattern, by Jeannette Glass, made in the 1930's-1940's. There were 6  dinner plates, and 4 bread plates, and both lots sold in a day or two on eBay. I was so tempted to keep them, but do I have anything pink in this house? Nope, not one thing.

That's just the tip of the good things we found in the last couple weeks. It's been fun to visit different malls and stores and to meet other people as into antiques as we are. Have you had any great finds recently?

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Michelle said...

That ginger jar is my favorite.

annie said...

all great pieces, but I love that Vista one, I never find great buys on good glass, only fair pieces. always hope though!

Nance said...

I am going back to school to learn about Blenko glass. I love that blue one! I have one piece in my home (I think) but am going out to search for more. See you in a few days : )

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