Saturday, February 8, 2014

And the Winner Is...


The very first to comment, and he nailed it.

This is a ladle to dip up pickles or kraut. Based on what I could find, this one was probably used in a store for those big pickles in a jar or maybe for pickled eggs. Warren's granny used hers to dip up kraut, and hers was enamel, like this one:

After some creative thinking about keywords, I was able to find several similar to mine on eBay.

I also had a correct answer when this blog posted on Facebook, so Giselle, you will also get a heart. Just let me know what color you prefer. I hadn't considered that my Facebook friends would also guess!

This was fun. Thank you all for your ideas. Most of you thought the same thing I did--that it was an egg separator. I could not figure out why it would be so big though, since most separators are fairly small. Now we all know. Isn't it ingenious? People back then had as many tools to do their everyday tasks as we have, but theirs were simpler and made to last. This dipper was probably made in the Depression era, and here it is, still in fine condition and ready for use.

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Quinn said...

Congratulations to both winners! That use makes more sense than my industrial-sized egg separator guess ;)

Jenny said...

I love riddles & hope you'll do this again. Just think of all the things we used to know that we've forgotten!

Mary Garrett said...

Thanks for my "something new" learned today. <3

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