Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Booth Update: Marietta

I've been a bad blogger lately, for two reasons: first, sometimes there is just nothing much to write about. Our days are often repetitious--researching and pricing goods, repairing furniture, cleaning house; routine things. Then there are the days, like today, that are so busy and filled with variety that there is little time or energy to put together a coherent post.

The booths are really keeping us hopping: we finished emptying our the Athens booth today; yesterday we restocked and did some other changes at Marietta; and Sunday we hauled a cabinet to Ravenswood. In between we did some inventory shopping (cool  stuff!) and Larry continues to work on the Sellers cabinet while also doing some minor repairs and work to other pieces. I did the online and book research and get things cleaned up and priced on Saturday. Friday I was at a middle school, telling stories and talking about writing to 8th graders all day.

So that's how it's been since my last post. I thought that tonight I'd share some photos from Marietta, since it's been a while since I posted photos from that booth. It's not doing as well as usual right now, mostly due to the crazy weather but I expect a change as soon as it warms up--that's been the pattern for the past two years there.

 Larry and I totally re-did this vintage Cosco stool--we took it apart, cleaned the chrome, scrubbed the black rubber steps and repainted the red sections.

There was a little wicker table to go with these chairs, but it sold, while the chairs remained in the booth. That's actually an afghan made to look like a quilt on the chair.

The little red dinette set is not in Marietta--we moved it here from Athens. It was so close to being sold last week but I guess the buyer changed her mind. It takes up little space since the leaves drop down--a nice breakfast set.

I love this little wood chest. A Goodwill find, it needed nothing except a wipe-down with a clean rag.

It even has a tray inside. How sweet is that?

I'm not 100% happy with the look of this corner. I'll be doing some rearranging when we go back. The three-legged chair is quite a rare item; I need to take some good photos of it to post on eBay, where it is more likely to sell.

This work station was a recent find that needed a LOT of cleaning up. I like its industrial look--can't you just see having this as a kitchen island? It's heavy and sturdy, steel and wood, and after Larry was finished with it,I thought it looked great. He refinished the wood on the top.

I displayed a lot of coal mining items on top of the work station.

More mining items. Lunch buckets, a self-rescuer, an old leather "turtle shell" hard hat. The wood slide thing is one of those old foot measurers used by shoe stores back in the day. I thought the double gooseneck lamp went well with the industrial look of this display.

That's a look at just a little bit of our booths at Marietta. We now have 4 spaces there; the area with the work station is the newest addition. We can still add a lot more to the walls in that section--as soon as I buy some more pegboard hooks!

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Village Antiiques Mall said...

Hi Suzanne, love seeing your booths, always inspiring (and full of great ideas). Winter weather slowed sales in our mall as well, especially last week. Better days ahead.
Joy (from aVintageGreen)

annie said...

great photos!
my sister used to do booths like that, she enjoyed it, but it kept her busy too.
have a wonderful rest of the week!

John "By Stargoose And Hanglands" said...

I remember having my feet measured with one of those gadgets - does that make me an antique?

Quinn said...

Oh, Sue, every time you post pictures of your booth set-ups I want to just step right into the picture and start choosing items to bring home. Never fails! And if you knew how rarely I shop, or buy anything at all...someday I'm going to visit your neck of the woods, and I hope I'll be driving a little van, at least!

The Awesome's said...

My mother has that same little red chair & stool in her kitchen. The kids love to climb up & sit on it while doing their schoolwork or reading a book.
It reminds me of the one that my great-grandmother had. I would climb on her stool and spend hours in the kitchen with her when she was canning. Funny how things can bring the memories flowing back.

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