Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Heeding Advice and Rambling

So, I read all your comments both here and on Facebook, and made my decision: I need to continue looking for the right fabric. Because there was no real consensus that YES, this is the one. That tells me that I haven't got it right, and need to keep looking. I did a quick look this evening at a fabric store but still nothing stood out, so I need to be patient and wait until I find the perfect fabric.

Thanks to all for your advice and suggestions. Right now I am thinking black and white, in a geometric pattern that isn't too loud, and perhaps with some red and purple in it. Maybe. Who knows, something else might suddenly call to me!

We spent today moving--moving items into the Marietta booth, and moving out of the Athens booth. I am going to be sad when we are finally finished because it was fun to be there, but we needed to get out before we got into the red moneywise. I worked on the finances for that booth and we are breaking even after 8 months, but each month sales decline so we needed to get out. The drive is a real factor--while we travel a good distance to Marietta, the lower rent and better sales make it worthwhile to do so. Athens just wasn't working out. So we'll be out of there by the end of this month. I had hoped to find another mall to move into but so far no luck on that score so most of our Athens stock will be stored for the time being.

The weather has finally broken; today was in the 60's and the ice and snow is quickly disappearing. Our driveway is still a slushy mess on the hill, but we were able to take our van out for the first time in several weeks. I am thinking about lettuce--about burning off the bed and getting some seeds in the ground. This weekend looks to be fair and we might just get it done then! Spring fever, do you think?

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Nance said...

When you find the perfect fabric for your chair, it'll jump out and grab you! We had a couple of 40 & 50 deg days after a long cold winter but we are headed back down to 0 - 30 degrees next week. Surely, it will break for the better come March.

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