Thursday, March 6, 2014

Baby's Breath: Simple Beauty

 A friend posted a photo of an old meat grinder used to hold a spray of baby's breath. Inspiration! While at the store the other day I saw a bucket of these tiny white flowers and decided to take some home.

I used some of them in an old silverplate pitcher and put it on the table that used to be my mother's bedside table when I was a girl. Now it is my end table. 

I added a little calla lily candleholder, the white alabaster bookends, a stick I picked up in Lake Erie 2 years ago, and a bronze statuette I bought at a library silent auction about 20 years ago.

While I was at it, I added a couple photos and some fruit to the other small table.

Then I cleaned up the meat grinders and hooked them to the kitchen windowsill.

 I got the little birdhouse the other day at goodwill, and the lucite stems at a yard sale several years back.

 There's a springtime look to it, isn't there? Spring is slowly making its way here, even though we still have snow on the ground and freezing temperatures at night.

At the other end of the big window, I used a little crock I just found at Goodwill to hold a few wood spoons, and added a little cat carved from coal. The cat isn't perfect, has a few chips but that doesn't bother me. I'm not perfect either.

It was nice to make some simple changes; somehow it brightens up the house. A simple bunch of tiny flowers can do a lot for a little.

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momalizzie said...

That's a great idea! Invite Spring into your home and push Winter out!

storytellermary said...

I love your creative use of assorted lovelies. Clever and fresh! . . . I never heard of carving items from coal. <3
I've been looking for the bird a young man at the junk yard made from nuts and washers and thick wire. I haven't seen it since I moved, and it's possible one of my helpers admired it and I gave it away -- moving puts one in a Wopila frame of mind. Spring, though, makes me think of birds . . .

Celia said...

Love what you did with the food grinder.

John "By Stargoose And Hanglands" said...

It's a great idea but one that wouldn't work in a house containing small boys as they would inevitably grind up the flowers by turning that oh-so-temping handle! Have a good weekend.

Granny Sue said...

John, you are absolutely right! It's not something I'd have tried 30 years or so ago. But it is a fun way to use these old tools. I've seen them at auctions get sold for almost nothing because few people use them anymore. I used to use mine for grinding up my mincemeat ingredients, but even I have gone high-tech now and use an electric grinder :)

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