Sunday, March 30, 2014

Marietta Booth Update

Things have been selling so fast at Marietta this month I don't have time to post photos before I have to go back and add new stuff. It's been a very good month so far, and a sale or two tomorrow will make this our best month ever at the location.

Today we had work to do. The two chestnut church pews and the work station we took in a couple weeks ago all sold, along with some chairs and other odds and ends. There were a lot of holes to fill, which is good in this business. Here's what we did today:

 To get the new-to-us Hoosier in required a lot of moving of stuff. First, we had get the chestnut pews off the wall and moved into the mall's layaway area. Then we hung the Chinese silk framed art where the pews had been, moved the little dresser that had been in a different place in the booth, moved the small porcelain top table and all the stuff on both the dresser and the table. That made space for the Hoosier in a good, visible location in the booth.
 I don't know the brand of this cabinet, but I love the art deco trim and the pretty green color. I used the Shawnee King Corn pieces I picked up last week along with some jadeite to go with the green.

This photo is from last weekend. The wrought iron chairs (there were two, one was around the corner) and the jadeite bowl sold this past week.

 The little red dinette set, you might remember, was in our booth in Athens; it came here when we moved out of that mall, and was almost sold a couple weeks back. I am still hopeful that it finds a home.

 We added the black trunk today, moving the smaller shelf that was in this spot to another place in the booth.

The green porcelain top table moved  across the booth to where the little dresser had been. I really like it here. I'd love it to sell, after all the work it took to restore it, but it makes a great display piece for kitchenware.

The work station we restored was in this space in our new space in the mall. It sold on Saturday so we brought in this small desk/dressing table to replace it. I call this the "man booth." It holds lots of rusty stuff, lunch buckets, coal items, and old tools.
 This is a detail of the desk. Don't you love these carved wood handles? This piece looked so bad before Larry got to work on it. Now it's really a beauty.

A corner of the man booth. We got the mower yesterday at an auction. People like these for yard ornaments.
 Not much change in this area, although I'm thinking about redoing it when I have time. Larry restored that red Cosco kitchen stool and it looks almost new.

One last picture--we found the small telephone table last week. It needed a good scrubbing but nothing else. The three-legged chair is from the estate we bought last year. It's actually a fairly rare piece.

That's a quick tour of highlights of the changes we made at the four space we have in this mall. It was a full day's work to load everything, move all the things that needed to be moved, and then get it all arranged again. It's really an ongoing process; as things sell, we have to add more and rearrange, over and over. It is work, but it sure is fun.

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Angela said...

Marietta, but what state? I am trying to figure out how far I am from wherever it is. I see things I really want. How much is the little red dinette set is priced for? Also, how much is the red Cosco stool? I guess I would not only need the state, but the name of the actual store where the items are. Thanks, hope to hear from you soon.

A Primitive Homestead said...

Much work is involved to keep up. But it is good sales are up. I have one of those old mowers.

annie said...

enjoyed your photos!
hope you sell it all and find some more to sell too! blessings!

Granny Sue said...

Angela, this is in Marietta, Ohio, at the Antique Mall of Marietta on Second Street. Prices: the red dinette is priced at $200, the red stool at $55. The dinette is negotiable, the stool price is firm. Thanks for asking!

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