Saturday, April 19, 2014

Bunny, Birds and Bees

It's finally beginning to feel like Spring, and the table looks like it too. I'm not one for elaborate tablescapes, preferring simple and easy to highly decorative. I use what I have on hand, and that usually means glass because I surely love glass! 
 Beehive candles, a sweet little bunny vase, baby's breath, white cake plate and glass birds make a light display. I had daffodils in the vase earlier but they're all gone now. I planted tulips again last year and thy're just coming into bloom but there aren't enough to pick yet. I am hoping they will spread; tulips don't seem to do well here. I don't know if it's our soil, the winter temperature variations, or that tulip bulbs taste wonderful to ground moles.
 I love my glass birds. The ones I used for this display are mostly clear, with the exception of this interesting one with the colors swirled inside.

I broke this jampot before I got it out of the antique mall :( But I glued the lid back together and I'll keep it because it's just so pretty.

Another of the birds is iridiscent, adding a rainbow touch to the table.
 The little teal table you can see in this last photo is booth bound sometimes soon. It actually opens and is a silverware case! Pretty cute. It was already painted when I got it.

Now, time for breakfast. We're late getting to it this morning!

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Jenny said...

I love decorating with glass as well - it's so beautiful, no matter how simple.

Celia said...

Glass is wonderful, and that's a fun little bee hive candle as well.

Angela said...

You always have such beautiful tablescapes!

Anonymous said...

Deer love to eat tulips too. I can't grow them on the mountain. Tulips don't seem to spread like daffodils or snowdrops do either. One bulb stays one bulb, unless the deer, mice, or moles get to it. Batsy in Idaho

Erin said...

That is the most beautiful table! Just stunning!! I would love to have a meal there surrounded by such beauty!! Your home is such a heaven in our beautiful west Virginia hills!

Granny Sue said...

Erin, thank you! Maybe one day you can stop by :) Wouldn't that be fun!

Batsy, my mother grew the most beautiful tulips. They spread and came back year after a year. I don't know if it was her soil (red Virginia clay, actually) or if the varieties were old-time ones that were hardier than what we have now.

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