Tuesday, April 8, 2014

More Ravenswood Booth Pics

A few more photos of work done recently at the Riverbend Antique Mall booths. I've been spending several hours a week rearranging and updating and it seems to be paying off in good sales.

This week I added a few things--well, a lot of things! First is this porcelain top table that we added last week. I changed out the top display for a more primitive look, adding crocks, an old scale, mason jars, and a set of wood canisters I painted this weekend. They were 60's vintage but hadn't sold in their original state so I painted them black and added a red star on the front. Instant prim. I found the metal tree at another antique mall. It might come home with me if it doesn't sell quickly.

My friend Danny makes the wood rolling pin/wine racks. I had several rolling pins in the booth but when I got there yesterday with the rack, I found I only had 2 left. So I added wood spoons, egg beaters and other items to the rack to make use of the space. And I'm on the lookout for more rolling pins. The red chair in front of the table was a paint project this past weekend too.

An auction over the weekend (I went to two, lots of finds!) yielded two more vintage suitcases, so I made a stack of them in one corner. That's a Fenton lamp made for LG Wright in the stippled star pattern on the left.

I should have taken  close-up photo so you could see the 1930's canister set better. It has red bakelite knobs on the hinged lids.

 I bought a metal crate that came full of pop bottles. I washed them up and put them on the kitchen table to sell for fairly low prices, just to move them. We'll see how they do. Front left corner is the handbag rack that needs to be cleared off a bit. I have too many on it.

Ah, the bottomless chair! A couple people asked me why it had no seat. Of course, it's so a flowerpot can be put down in the hole! One of the two that Larry tightened up and I painted sold this week. Someone knew what my intention was!

I rearranged the gray shelves, adding the blue canisters and pottery and the copper canisters, along with several other items. A row of small stools lines the front; the cider press basket used to be my trash can in my office but that didn't seem like a good use for such a cool thing so it's now for sale.

 Spring colors took over in this cabinet. A shelf full of teapots and a row of iced tea pitchers in yellows and turquoise with spots of pink, blue and red.

I painted these two small stands this weekend. I'd had them for sale but they didn't move in their natural wood finish so I thought I'd try them in white, hoping that they might find a home on someone's porch.

 I have more painting to do: a three-tier round table, a dresser and a china cabinet await the paint brush along with a few more chairs. I am hoping for some clear weather that will allow me to get outside and paint. Maybe tomorrow?

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warren said...

Fantastic bunch of stuff...booth looks great!

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

I get so many great ideas when you share you mall posts.

Angela said...

You have a lot of beautiful stuff Granny Sue! You are doing a great job in the way that you arrange things together to make them appealing to the buyers!

Erin said...

I love all the vintage goodness!! I would have so much fun shopping your booths!

Sue said...

Your booths always look so appealing to me!


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