Friday, April 11, 2014

News and Change in the Air

So much news this week! Nothing earth-shattering, and yet profoundly changing my world.

First, there is the news from granddaughter Jordan: her second child, our great-grandson, is soon to be born. Monday, perhaps. I'm sad because I have a full day and evening of storytelling booked! I'd rather be there when this little boy, grandson of my son Jon, is born. I saw in ultrasounds the way this baby's lip is like that of my son who left us in 2010, and I so want to be there to greet him, but contracts are contracts, so I will have to be patient.

Then there is granddaughter Haley, who signed up for the Army National Guard on Thursday. I am so very proud of her, and at the same time so worried. I thought, with my son (and her father) Derek nearing retirement that I would no longer have military family to worry about, but that will not be the case.

And yet, to know that young people like Haley still honor their country enough to serve...that is a feeling I cannot describe.

That's all the news, yet in my world, it's huge. I hope you will join me in prayers for these young women who  forge ahead and make the future their own.

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Loved seeing the baby! And your grandaughter.
I know about worry - and military. My son in law is in the Army and now my grandaughter Samantha, 22, is at the local police academy graduating in June. I'm not a fan of her being in danger as a street cop which is what she aims to do. Just sending up lots of prayers.
Thanks for sharing. Hugs.

Quinn said...

Two massive pieces of news, there! Good luck with Monday...maybe the baby will decide to wait til Tuesday? All the best to Jordan and Haley!

Nance said...

Well, yes, proud of your granddaughter joining up; bless her heart! And don't you just love babies. Especially our grandbabies. My granddad said something like "if you hold a baby within 12 hours of birth, that babe will always know you.

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