Friday, April 25, 2014

The New Booth: Spencer Antique Mall

I've spent several hours the past few days getting our new booth at the Spencer (WV) Antique Mall set up and ready for business. It's a long way from being done yet, but here are a few photos of the progress so far.

I am still arranging things to suit me so all is likely to change in the next few weeks. Top is a photo of the Hoosier-style cabinet we moved into the booth. It still has the original label on the porcelain worktop, and the sifter is still in place too.

Candace, the manager of the mall, has been a lot of help, and so encouraging. It makes me feel welcome in this new place.

We used some privacy fencing panels to make a wall for hanging things. I have a lot more to add to the wall.

The round white table I showed a few days ago has become a real focal point for displays.

Another view of the fencing wall, and a nice 5-drawer chest we had in the building, waiting for a home. The green bench was in the building too. Once we started digging in there we found a lot of things that we need to get in one of our booths.

A large steel shelving unit isn't really pretty but it gets the job done, and holds a lot of stuff. It's not nearly full yet.

The wood shelves are not yet full either, even though I've brought in a lot of totes! Lots of room for more, and that's a good thing because the more things in a booth, the more likely that there will be sales.

The finished chairs look pretty nice too. I hadn't realized until I got to the booth that the little brocade footstool went perfectly with the black chair with its tapestry seat.

That's a quick look. I'll post more as I continue to work on this new space. So far, it's been a fun adventure, and we've already had a few sales. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

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Quinn said...

As always, your shop pictures make me wish I could visit in person! And I love the use of different fence panels...very effective visually, and of course functional, too. Clever!

annie said...

I agree, if I lived closer, I would want to shop there! Great photos!

Brighid said...

So interesting to see others marketing ideas. Thanks for all the pics and explanations.

Jenny said...

I love the last picture! The white table & the chair sets are so beautiful.

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