Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Cleaned up and in the Booth

A few weeks ago I showed a photo of an old pantry cupboard we found on our way home from North Carolina. Larry completed the repair to one leg that was needed, brushed off the loose paint and it was ready for the booth.

He also replaced the shelves inside--these were makeshift plywood and just didn't look right with the age of the cabinet.
 I loved the red bakelite handle--someone was recycling materials way back then.

Larry also cleaned up and repaired a corner cabinet we've had stored in the shed for a few years.

This cabinet came out of the last log cabin we dismantled and needed some TLC. The cabin, the former owner told us, was said to be the oldest standing structure in this county in 1976 when an article on historic county buildings was published for the Bicentennial.

I still do not know who the builder or original owner of the cabin was, but this shelf along with some woven-seat chairs and other oddments were inside in the mounds of trash we had to clean out as our end of the deal to take down the cabin. Now it too is in our Ravenswood Riverbend Antiques Mall booth, and I hope it finds a home with someone who appreciates its history. It's not perfect but it's loaded with character.

Now they're side by side in the booth, and you know, they look like they've been together for a long time.

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Nance said...

I love them both.

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