Sunday, June 15, 2014

Post Conference

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I've been away at the WV Writers Conference this weekend. This morning I'm in recovery, slowly getting back to the real world while trying to hold on to the inspiration, excitement, connections and conversations of the past two days.

I have been neglecting my writing the past few years; now it's time to make it one of my top priorities. I love to write (and this blog has kept me doing it, thank goodness) but I wonder if other writers feel the same guilt I do about the time I spend staring at the computer screen or jotting in my notebooks when there is so much other stuff that needs to be done. I will need to find a way to block the whispers in my brain that say, "You need to be cleaning the house/weeding the garden/pricing things for the booths/painting that table/cooking/listing on eBay" and so on.

How do other writers do it? If you have a cure, I would be delighted to hear it. Perhaps I need to schedule a day a week for writing? Would I do it or would I put it off to do one of those things listed above? It's a challenge I need to take on.

I came home with three or four ideas and rough outlines for poems and stories. I have folders of stories and poems that need to be edited and refined. I have thousands of posts on this blog, and many of them could be compiled into a book. My columns for Two Lane Livin' are already pulled, edited and ready to be made into a book but I have stalled and procrastinated about completing the project. It's time to get moving again on the writing front.

Thank you, WV Writers, for providing the spark. Now I need to fan that flame and get it glowing again.

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JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

My goodness, your brain is mouthy, isn't it? I agree though - sometimes it is hard to quiet things down in my head to allow me to do what I feel I should. Sometimes I just let the whispers go by and get at what is needed - and sometimes I listen.

I do find that if things are tidy in the house then I can write. I don't like to look up from writing and see a mess - large or small. Just like everything in its place and then the voices are quieter.

Sometimes I set a timer - say for half an hour - and then I find that I'm going along so well after the half hour that I just keep going. For me it is the starting that is hardest.

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