Wednesday, July 9, 2014

A Return to Normal

The electricity came back on this evening, two days before we expected it to. Many, many thanks to the power crews who made it happen. We think we have it bad, but we are not out there hiking through brush to find downed lines and repair them. Dad, my brother and brother-in-law were all linemen and I know the hours they would put in during an outage. It's not easy work.

We managed just fine; power outages happen off and on, and I think it's actually easier to manage them if you live in the country. This time we went out and bought a small generator, just big enough to run the freezer so we would not lose everything as happened in the 2012 derecho.

Tomorrow, back on the road storytelling. I have much to report from Tuesday's performances and the meandering we did while in the northern panhandle of West Virginia, hope to get to that tomorrow morning.

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525757f6-d4a8-11e3-a0cd-000bcdcb5194 said...

Glad you have your power back! My husband is a retired lineman and it is a VERY hard job that doesn't get near the amount of appreciation it should-

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