Friday, July 4, 2014

A Soldier on the Fourth of July

We are staying home today, missing the parade and festivities in town because we have a soldier visiting. Or maybe I should say we have Soldier visiting.

Granddaughter Haley leaves for Army National Guard basic training in a few days, and Larry and I will be taking care of her new kitten while she's away. The kitten, a rough-and-tumble little fellow, is named Soldier. It suits him pretty, well, although from the way he's bossing the dogs and other cats around, I think he should be promoted to Sarge.

This little guy is a survivor. Haley found him dumped at the side of the road. She brought him over to show us a few days later. One of our cats had killed a mouse and we had not noticed dead thing was lying by the sidewalk. But that little kitten saw it, jumped from Haley's arms, dragged the mouse under a bush and ate it, growling the whole time as if defying anyone to take it away. Our other pets watched with interest from a safe distance. I think they were impressed.

Soldier arrived for his extended stay yesterday, and he's had a big time exploring here. I had forgotten how entertaining a kitten can be; we spent an hour last night just watching him play. He settled in quickly, and I can see we're going to have an interesting time watching his antics and the pecking-order process resolve. I'm betting Soldier will find his place pretty quickly, and it just might be at the top of the line.

Happy Fourth, everyone! I hope your holiday activities are as fun as ours have been so far. Tonight we'll be by the firepit, grilling hotdogs and watching the continuing adventures of Soldier. Stay tuned.

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Michelle said...

Sounds like a perfect 4th of July to me. Enjoy Soldier!

Susan Anderson said...

Charming post about Soldier.

Happy Independence Day!


Quinn said...

Aren't you lucky to have such a perfectly wonderful longterm houseguest! Will be looking forward to updates on Soldier :)

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