Friday, July 18, 2014

Booth Update: The Marietta Booth

I think it's been a while since I posted updates for the Marietta, OH booth at the Antique Mall of Marietta.
And actually, we've changed a few things since I took these photos last week. But since I forgot to take new ones while we were there this past week, here's what it looked like 2 weeks ago:

First photo shows the primitive dropleaf table and the three-legged chair, and the green Hoosier-style cabinet. I like the way the mirror on the right reflects the shelves to the left. The oriental silk framed art lower left are two of three pieces left of a collection of nine we bought last winter.

The reflected shelves, from a different view. 

Items on top of the primitive table include three coffee grinders, a brass and silver punch bowl with 12 goblets and glass ladle, a tall drinks server and an ironstone pitcher and bowl set.

Items on top of the sifter cabinet. The Shawnee corn pattern teapot sold last week.

Another view of the table and into the booth.

Deeper in the booth, A shelf full of items of all kinds. Mounted on the wood beam top left is a cast iron lamp holder, one of a set of two, and a set of blue and white spice jars in a little rack.

We added some old doors to this booth; one red barn door sold quickly and is on layaway. We had an old rusty wheelbarrow with an iron wheel in this location but it also sold over the 4th of July.

Retro kitchen items are a hot seller, especially Pyrex and Fire-King casseroles and ovenware.

These pink Depression glasses were a find at a flea market over July 4th weekend. 

Glass, glass and glass. I do love pretty glass but it doesn't sell as well as primitive items. I keep hoping that there will be a return to a more elegant style of decorating and living.

Retro items including a Chinese checkers game, license plates and smiley pottery. Shoppers at Marietta are pretty eclectic in their taste so I try to have something for almost every style.

 The "man booth" at Marietta. The old typewriter on the table draws lots of lookers, as do the lunch boxes. The old scythe on the wall sold recently.

That's the quick tour. Our spaces at this mall are filled and deep with lots of great things to look at. The Antique Mall of Marietta is located on Second Street in the old town section of Marietta.

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Quinn said...

I always enjoy these peeks at your booths, Sue, and never fail to find something I would have to buy if I was there in person! Sometimes, only the prospect of huge shipping costs prevents me from asking for details about a particular item.Considering how little I enjoy shopping, and how rarely I "have to have" things these days, that is really saying something about the quality of nifty items you gather and display. If I ever get down your way, I'd better be driving a little van!

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