Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Booth Update: The Spencer Booth

Our new booth in Spencer Antique Mall is growing! Here are photos of the booth today. We've added quite a few new pieces over the past few weeks. (I apologize for the picture quality; apparently my camera battery was dying.)

Don't you love the old GC Murphy sign over my booth? It's not mine; the store is located in the building that formerly housed GC Murphy's. The City of Spencer now operates the mall, a unique arrangement, I think, and a good one for the city as the mall attracts visitors from all over to this pretty country town.

We found some great furniture at a yard sale, of all places, last weekend. It went straight to the booth, and we cleaned it up there. Nothing major needed, just Windex and polish. My favorite is the dresser pictured above. The mirror is just stunning. Below is a photo of the dresser top items.

The dresser to the right in the photo below has an Empire-style mirror that we managed to forget--twice. So that means another trip to the booth to get it put in place. I also need to do more work to arranging items on top of the china cabinet.

I especially love this sideboard. It even has its original back mirror, which is often missing on these pieces.

A closer look at the items on the sideboard; one of the joys of selling is getting to arrange things to show well.

Two smaller cabinets, not old but useful and decorative. The lower one is lighted, which is nice for displaying glassware. It does not seem to have ever been plugged in before; the plug still had a cover over it.

 I love love love this little table and two chairs set. I began painting them last month and finally got the chair seats covered just last night.

There are two iron beds hanging on the wall behind the table. Both have their rails; one is a full size, one is twin.

Looking into the booth. The curved china cabinet is a newer manufacture but is in very good condition, with glass shelves and curved glass sides. I still need to put more items inside it, but held off since both this and the older china cabinet were on hold for a potential buyer today.

This part has been done for a while although I keep adding items and changing it up.

 Red, white and blue display for July on the round table. 
 A wall full of utensils and oddments seems to get a lot of attention, and these items sell well.

The box holds vintage decoupage Christmas ornaments. The quilt is really lovely, made of feed sacks.

We've sold several windows in this booth, but the blue door is still with us. The sifter cabinet has a lot of lookers but so far no bites. I like this one so well, I'd love to just bring it home. If only I had a mansion to hold all the things I like! Maybe it's just as well I don't because I'd have to hire help to clean it.

That's the quick tour of this new location. The Spencer Antique Mall is located in the heart of Spencer, WV, right across from the courthouse. It's a lovely country drive to Spencer, and there are several other shops in the town for browsing and shopping.
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Beautiful booth, Susie!

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