Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Pickles, Ghosts, Washers and Such

I am being buried in pickles! It seems like every time I turn around Larry brings in another five-gallon bucket full. I made another 14 quarts yesterday and a new bucket awaits me today. Tomatoes are also coming in by the buckets and I'll be working on those today. All this bounty is glorious, and I am trying to get it all put up as quickly as I can. Being sick last week put me behind and I feel like a hamster on a wheel trying to catch up.

I am so excited about the new project I've been working on: the Ripley (WV) ghost walk! I have found quite a few stories and now have a source for more in a stack of old newspapers. A local business man also told me several good stories about his building when I stopped in the other day. We're hoping for grant funding for this project; I spent yesterday evening alternating between the pickles and working on wording for the grant. I think the pickles may have suffered from being left in the water bath too long, because when I get started writing I lose track of time.

Stories for the ghost walk so far include two hangings (one quite famous, the other lesser known), a drowned preacher, disturbances in old buildings, lost treasure and much more. I can't wait to dig into those newspapers to see what else I can find. We mapped out the route yesterday; it will be about one mile with only one slight incline, and out of the main traffic routes for the most part. I ordered a small voice amplifier last night for this project,one that I can easily carry. I think it's going to be a lot of fun.

Speaking of ghosts, I think my washing machine is about to become one. It made  sound like a death rattle the other day and now it won't spin. Larry is going to pull it out and look at it to see if it's just something stuck somewhere but if it's really toast then we already have a lead on another new-to-us machine.

I have finally gone back to the local writing group after a two-year absence. I am hoping to get back to doing more creative writing (stories and poems) but right now the gardens and other projects are not allowing much free time for it. It's been nice to see the other members and hear what they've been up to. Some good novels seem to be in the works--one for middle-grade students, the other for adults. We also have one poet, one lady who is a preacher and works on her spiritual writings, a poet and short story writer and me. Others come and go so it's an eclectic gathering of styles for sure.

Back to the kitchen and the tomatoes this morning! I hope you day goes well and that you are well and busy too.

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