Friday, September 26, 2014

Ah, Fall! A Garden Stroll

The weather has been incredible the last week or so. Cool, and crisp, and one night so chilly that I heard a few people around our county had light frost. Fall has certainly arrived. We've spent most evenings around the firepit, enjoying the fire and the company of our three dogs. Before we settled in by the fire last night I took my camera for a quick walk around the gardens, trying to catch some of the color and light of a glorious autumn evening.

These little sunflowers are volunteers planted by an industrious chipmunk who was stealing bird seed. We had several little patches of these coming up in the oddest places. Very nice of him!

My little red, white and blue corner

with yet another volunteer plant--this one is corn! I suppose the chipmunk planted it too, and I just left it to grow.

Very determined Stevia pushed its way right through the garden bench.

I love the look of this old chair against the picket fence. There were other flowers in that pot but whatever this white stuff is, it took over! It's quite a hardy plant, surviving even when I forgot to water it.

Through the garden gate...Larry wanted me to be sure to take a photo of his Indian corn. He just planted a few hills, but it certainly made the most of itself. We're still waiting for the kernels to finish turning color. He planted this in mid-July, pretty late for Indian corn, but I think we'll get some decorations from it.

I swear, this corn must be 12 feet tall! The tomato stakes you can see are about 3 1/2' tall, so that gives you some idea of the height of the corn.

So pretty right now, and the soft evening light really makes everything so much brighter.

The knockout roses are still blooming but I am worried about them. They were hit hard by winter, almost killed back to the ground. They have recovered a little bit, but they don't look too strong to me. I hope this winter will not be as hard on them.

Well, that's the tour. Not a lot to see, but I am trying to enjoy the colors and the flowers while they're here. Old Man Winter will be raising his frosty head before too long, and all we'll have to remember the flowers will be these pictures.

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Susan Anderson said...

Beautiful stroll through the garden. Thanks! (My roses aren't doing too well this year, either.} "/

Erin said...

Beautiful tour! Thank you! I enjoyed it very much. I love your little garden gate with the stone walls! Lovely!! Happy Fall to you!!

Nance said...

Wish I was closer so I could walk through with you. Your lawn and gardens are splendid. The Iowa State fair has a 'tall corn' contest. Some the stalks entered must have been 15-18 feet tall. I did not hear how tall the Blue Ribbon winner was. I should look that up.

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