Friday, September 12, 2014

On The Road to Reedy: Part 1

 Two or three times a month we travel the back way to Reedy, WV to meet up with our friend Danny--I guess you could call him a picker. He goes to auctions in Ohio and sometimes in West Virginia and finds cool stuff, and if we're lucky we get some of it from him for our booths. He's a great guy, and always fun to visit. This last trip I took time to take some photos along the way because this is just one pretty drive.

Today's pics are pretty eclectic, starting with the side of Danny's barn. Not the warning to someone named Jerry on this stop sign Danny picked up at an auction:

Pretty much everything on the barn is for sale, but not that stop sign.

This used to be a store in Reedy, back in the community's better days. I remember several other stores near this one, but all are gone now. Reedy lies in a floodplain and flooding is pretty frequent, so the town--well, what there is left of it--has moved out to a little higher ground. Reedy was once a thriving place with a railroad and several industries, but today there's not much left in the way of employment.

I love this man's zany yard. I understand that an elderly bachelor lives alone here, but he certainly likes his yard decor.

I'd say the couch has seen better days, but I sure would like to have that railroad sign!

Green, green, green, at least when I took this last week.

More of this little church in my next post.

Berries of some kind (for once I do not know what they are) hang heavy and as beginning to turn color.

Thistle and ironweed add their bright hues to the roadsides now. The goldenrod is also coming into bloom.

More to come, next post!

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John "By Stargoose And Hanglands" said...

Looking forward to the rest of the photos, Sue. Over here it's more usual to find new building flooded; the old timers knew the land so well that they rarely built where flooding was likely. One would have thought that the name "Reedy" might have been a little clue!

Granny Sue said...

True words, John, although there seem to have been many towns built on floodplains in the US--I know quite a few here in WV, certainly. I have wondered about that as well, and thought perhaps at the time of building people just weren't aware of the danger. Many of the towns I know of were built in boom times--buildings went up quickly and often weren't well built. Builders were new to the area, clueless about how quickly and how high the water could rise. One would think that after a couple floods they'd get the idea and move, but perhaps then there was a lot of movement in those days, people leaving and new people coming in who again were unaware of the flood potential.

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