Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Painting Projects: No. 1--The Vintage Steel Cabinet

I'm back to painting finally, now that the weather has cooled, the gardens are pretty much over and storytelling is quiet. This cabinet took a few hours yesterday:

I forgot (as usual) to take before photos. But here is the condition of the drawers. I had planned to paint the cabinet red because I thought the finish was too bad to save. But after a closer look, I got out the Barkeepers Friend and started scrubbing to see if I could clean it up.

This side was the worst. I hoped that the bad place was just dirt, but no, it was rust.

The front kickplate paint was chipped, but inside the contact paper probably saved the big storage shelf.

 The top is not porcelain, but Formica, and it looked pretty bad too.

To work! (Note to self--buy gloves next trip to town.)

And here it is, after the cleaning but before the hardware was put back on. 

More pics when it's completely finished.

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Jenny said...

I can't wait to see it finished. I love seeing old things like this renewed.

annie said...

that looks much better!
hoping to see the finished project!

Nance said...

I like this project. Is this an old kitchen cabinet? Is the larger opening at top and center a big drawer? Will check back to see the finished product.

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