Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Weekend Finds

We made stops at quite a few thrift stores along the way to and from Philadelphia. The van was well loaded by the time we got home. Here's a look at some of what we picked up:

Two different floor lamps with a similar style. One is a married piece--we found the white hobnail lamp minus the shade, and then a few miles down the road, there was a shade for sale! Serendipity at work.

The taller lamp has a nice parchment shade, and a handpainted frosted glass font. Very pretty, and both work perfectly.

A table full of finds: I had the Thomas Kinkade shade but needed a base. Sadly the shade had some damage when I bought it at an auction. The auctioneer didn't mention it and I didn't see it til we were loading the car. The damage isn't too noticeable so I hunted for, and finally found, a lamp to go with this lovely shade. I hope someone will fall in love with it regardless and take it home.

A stack of pretty mid-century glass: Indiana diamond point oval bowl, a Bartlett-Collins Manhattan pattern amber bowl, and a Cristal D'Arques ruby plate. Peeking in the top right corner is a Reverware whistling stainless steel teakettle.

A hodgepodge of cups and saucers. The blue one is from England, the little flowered ones are from Bavaria, a set of six cups and saucers total.
 And a porcelain butter dish in perfect condition by Johnson Brothers of England,

a pretty ruby and gold bottle that I added a stopper to, a blue Avon goblet, a large flower frog, and 4 green berry bowls to go with he bowl I bought last week. Love being able to put sets together!
 These little galvanized pails have a pretty blue pattern on the outside; beside them is a goblet I have not yet identified and a Hoover tall ruby vase by Anchor Hocking. I just learned the name of that vase today while looking up something else. There are also a couple small orange juice glasses, and 4 mushroom mugs along with another footed flowered mug, a gold fondue set.
 and this set of 8 glasses in a carrying rack.

And yet another fondue pot from the 70's, looks like it's never been used.

A pretty twisty sandwich plate by Fostoria, resting on top of a couple of cake plates I bought last week,

that kettle and the mugs hanging on a wood tree,

a spongeware pitcher and bowl, milk glass hen on a nest,

and an orange ball pitcher by Hazel Atlas, along with a red glass basket and a set of 6 yellow-flowered snack plates and cups,
 a silverplated pitcher and a cool ice bucket that has a glass liner and the tongs mounted inside the lid,

and last of all a little wicker shelf resting on an old chair Larry repaired last week.

That's not all of it--I don't have photos of the wardrobe we found for our son or the two small tables or a few other bits and pieces but you can see it was a pretty good haul.

Now I have to get to work pricing it all and finding a place to put it. That's always the challenge, isn't it?

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momalizzie said...

Awesome finds, G-Sue. I love all of your finds/treasures!

Quinn said...

I love the idea of ice tongs stored in the lid of the bucket - what a sensible design!

Marilyn said...

I always love to see your discoveries. I inherited a stack of the Bartlett-Collins berry bowls from my mother. They were always our ice cream bowls. Love them, but I never knew the name of the pattern.

Nance said...

are the six little Bavarian tea cups going to ebay? I'm hooked : )

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