Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Almost Done: Three Projects

In between drowsing on the couch and feeling lousy, I haven't been getting much done the past few days. I am working hard on getting my voice in some kind of shape for tonight's storytelling. I have to admit, it's frightening to realize I'll have to talk and sing for two hours when I sound like Darth Vader. I am using all sorts of remedies and have my fingers crossed that one or the other will work.

However, I seem to get a little energy in the late afternoons, and I used it to tackle a few paint projects. This one is done and ready for a booth:

 Remember this moldy beauty I posted a couple days ago? It was covered in mold--I've never seen anything like it. Fortunately it was all on the surface and easily wiped clean. I used Poet's Water Paint and dark wax on it, and added a cast iron knob for the drawer. I love it now. The top is really an ivory color--the lighting makes it look golden. A better look at the top, although this makes it look TOO light. Geez...and it's covered with glass that arrived in a package from eBay yesterday. Nice lot of cranberry glass and a few other things!

This big cabinet is still in progress. It was painted with a faux wood design. I'm taking it to the "vintage kitchen" look with red and white paint and chrome handles. I still have some work to do before it's ready to go. I hope to finish it tomorrow.

Well, it's sideways but you get the idea. Another small project that has been a big hassle. But it's almost done. Cranberry Zing paint that will be dark-waxed; Antique White inside. I added new white pulls. I think it's kinda cute even though it's been a pain. Still need to clean the glass, do some touch-up, get the pulls put on, etc.

And last, a table on the way to a re-do. I painted the base last night; the top will be antique white, and the whole thing will be distressed. I think I'll add a gray wash to the base before distressing. I haven't decided yet whether to use clear wax or the dark wax on this, or maybe mix the two.

I'm am happy that I finally have a little time to get to work on painting. I have a whole line of things waiting for the brush. I think it will be a busy winter as I try to catch up with the backlog.

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