Friday, October 10, 2014

And I Think the Ghosts Will be Dragging Their Sheets in the Rain

It's a wet and rainy morning...and tonight is the first ghost walk. A check of the weather map doesn't look too hopeful for clearing before this evening either.

So, what will we do? First, I'm off to the store to buy rubber boots and a BIG umbrella! Because the ghost walk is on, weather or no. If it's raining too hard, we'll move into the Alpine Theater and tell the stories there. If it's showering, we'll do the close by walking area, then move to the theater to tell the rest. And if it's just lightly sprinkling, we'll do the whole walk.

That's plans A, B, and C. I am still looking forward to this and a little rain won't dampen my spirits. Tomorrow's weather will improve and we should have a good night for the walk, if a little squishy underfoot.

Fun times ahead! I'll be back to report on how it all goes. Tomorrow will be a busy day as I have to be in Morgantown to tell ghost stories in the morning and back home in time for the ghost walk.

Today, after a quick trip to town, I'll be continuing to work on the stories for the ghost walk. I've written ten new stories for this event, and want to be sure I've got them well into my head.

So stay dry today friends, then come out and get wet with me tonight as we explore Ripley's darker side!

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1 comment:

Michelle said...

I have no doubt the ghost walk will be fun, even with a bit of rain!

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