Monday, October 13, 2014

Off to Jackson's Mill!

This has certainly been a busy month. After the sidewalk sale and all the work of shifting things into a new space at the Riverbend Antique Mall last weekend, a full day of storytelling at the Ripley Middle School, restocking all three booths and the Ripley Ghost Walk this week, it feels like time for a rest.

But this is October, and rest is not part of the plan for this month. Tomorrow I'll be on the road to Jackson's Mill (stopping to tidy up our Spencer booth on the way) for the West Virginia Storytelling Festival. 800+ school children will be there to hear four of us telling stories and singing songs. We also have an evening concert for the public planned for Wednesday night. So fun ahead!

I'll be back to work at the Ravenswood booth Friday since we sold several pieces of furniture this week and there is space to be filled.  Here's what sold:

The red and white dinette set we refurbished last spring

and the steel cabinet I re-did recently.

The tall wood cabinet is gone, and the green cabinet in the background is on layaway.

Saturday evening I'll be in Beckley, WV telling more ghost stories at the Beckley Arts Center.

And in between all this I will be enjoying the incredible fall colors. There is no place as beautiful as West Virginia in autumn, I am pretty sure.

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Nance said...

Gorgeous! Your fall photos are awesome! And I enjoy seeing your consignments. Wish I was closer to see your wares and hear your stories.

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