Monday, February 9, 2015

Blue, Blue, Blue

I seldom have the color blue in my home--it's not that I don't like it, it's just that I like red, yellows and greens better! The past few days, however, I seem to be seeing blue.

My last post was about the furniture we were working on--blue and turquoise were the dominant colors in those pieces. Yesterday we did a little work to our Marietta booth (and I forgot to take photos, again) and also did a bit of shopping along the way.

My favorite has to be this pretty little blue bird. My glass bird collection is still growing, slowly but surely. Beats me why I love them, but there it is.

Then there was a cobalt carnival glass-looking paperweight. I also have a paperweight collection, so now there's one more to join the group.

And lovely teal plates

and a pedestal butter dish--who could resist them?

Second favorite, though, was this Hoosier cabinet coffee dispenser. I can't wait to get it mounted on the cabinet and try it out. There's no other blue in my kitchen, really, so this little touch will make a nice change.

A stop at the Parkersburg Antique Mall yielded two beautiful turquoise-blue vases from Sue's booth.

Sue always has good glass and good prices and I have bought a good bit from her over the past few years.

At the Antique Mall of Marietta, where my booth is, a dealer was having a 25% off everything sale. I was thrilled to get this stunning little lamp for under $10.

Just look at the intense color of the cobalt glass!

Blue is sometimes seen as a color of sadness, when someone says they feel blue, but to me it's a color of peace and serenity and we can all use some of that in our lives.
Of course, I didn't get away without buying a little red...

and  a yellow Homer Laughlin Fiestaware cup and saucer, on sale for half price.

Some of these finds will stay home with me, others will go to a booth to find a new home. Now I have to decide what to part with, and what to take out of our house since we have a one-in-one-out policy to keep down the clutter.

And that is the hardest part of all!

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Celia said...

I used to make stained glass windows and other stuff and it came out of my fascination with glass. The window making has passed but still love glass objects of all kind, fascinating.

Michelle said...

I actually don't have much blue in my home, but I really like your blue finds. Especially that cobalt lamp.

John "By Stargoose And Hanglands" said...

How curious, Sue. I don't have a single item of blue clothing in my wardrobe.

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