Thursday, March 12, 2015

Lamps, Lamps, Lamps

Hello, my name is Susanna and I am a lamp hoarder.

My project for the past 2 days was to get my workroom back in order. It is such a small room for all that I have to do in it, and it takes no time at all to get it totally junked up. It takes forever, though, to clean it up again.

One of the things I had to tackle was lamps. I have lots of them. Lamps, lamp parts, shades, harps, you name it. I've decided to make a better effort to get them into booths and to get the extra shades, etc stored in a more reasonable way. Today I really dug in.

Larry had a part in this too. He rewired the two crystal lamps on the table, as well as two other small lamps. He still has a few more to do. I've learned that it's useless to try selling them with bad wires--people don't know how to fix them, I guess.

I buy shades whenever I find good ones, so I have a kind of stockpile. Yesterday I began the process of matching shades to lamps, with mostly good results. I am having a problem with some, however--the hole where the shade rests on the lamp is too big for the older lamps that have metal, not plastic, sockets. I'll be heading to a hardware store to see if I can find a piece of plumbing to do a retrofit. The two non-crystal lamps in the above photo both have that problem. Grrrr.

I think my favorite of this group is the marble lamp with the blue shade. Not at all my style but it's so...different! There's a nice brass torchiere-style lamp behind the little one with the crochet shade.

A lot of the ones I got put together are sitting in totes in the kitchen but I'll need a better way to transport them to the booths. There are seven or eight lamps in the pic below.

A couple mid-century lamps will probably go to Marietta where there is a college population.

This one is my #1 favorite--and again, it's not really my style. But look at it! Crackle glass, brass and marble. It took some cleaning to get it sparkling.

Down in the totes...

 There are a few lamps on my desk, too--two small crystal ones Larry rewired still need the prisms hung on them, and a pretty cranberry and clear I traded for last month. (The big cabinet is in the process of being re-done. Larry refinished the door today; now I have to paint the cabinet.)

 On the desk. The white glass shade is an extra I picked up. I often find those Gone-with-the-Wind lamps with the top shade missing so I keep a few around for replacements.

In the workroom there are still lamps waiting their turn...

I said I was a lamp hoarder!

Eventually I will get all of these into the booths, I promise! The trick is to not buy any more, right? Right!

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Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Oh WOW Sue, I am running screaming down the road. That is a LOT of lamps. My DH doesn't know how to rewire lamps so I hate it when he brings MORE home. You are right, buyers do not like to buy lamps with old wiring. Your home looks like mine, piled high with stock waiting for xxx before it can go in.

Granny Sue said...

I know! Apparently I can't resist them, but once I really started looking at what was piled up I realized I need to stop buying and start selling. One good thing is that they do sell--I usually sell a few every month. I am moving a lot of them out this week; I am thinking of making a whole area of lamps in one booth and see how that goes. Sort of a lamp store :) Some I may list on eBay too, the ones that are not too awkward to ship. Live and learn.

Granny Sue said...

My workroom is better now after the big cleanout the other day, but it's still crammed full. The problem is that I run basically three businesses from here-my storytelling, the booths and eBay. A 10x12 room just isn't big enough for all that has to be stored and filed.

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