Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Why I Love My Kitchen

We've been working on the kitchen here and there over the last couple months and while we're nowhere near finished, it is beginning to come together.

I love being in my kitchen. I smile just looking at it these days.

We have not done any major upgrades--no new appliances or cabinets.

All we've done, really, is paint and move things around. The biggest change came with the removal of the old wood cookstove, a hard decision but one I can see was right every time I walk in the room.

We still have to replace the countertop tile, and we need to finish painting this big guy. The door, at least, is stripped and ready to hang as soon as I buy more paint and get it on.

One of my favorite corners is my little desk. I pay bills here, look up recipes, and work on small projects.

This desk is right beside another favorite place, the cupboard where I keep my prettiest glass.

Yes, I love my kitchen. 

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Celia said...

I love your kitchen too. Kitchen's can really be the heart of your home.

Jenny said...

I 'renovated' my kitchen last year. No new things there either except for new lighting. I just painted everything, decluttered, organised & we laid new floors. It's motivated to me to work my way through my house!

I'd love to see a before picture of your kitchen. It looks like such a welcoming place, just the way it should be!

Michelle said...

It is obvious that this kitchen is filled with things you love. A real working kitchen for a family. So nice to see.

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