Thursday, April 30, 2015

A Few Projects

Although our focus has been on the rearrangement of our booths, storytelling performances and a workshop last Saturday, garden work and mowing grass, I've also had several projects in the works. 

Here's a few of them:

A friend sent me photos of pictures made with buttons and the idea fascinated me, so I had to give it a try. Here's my first attempt. More will follow, as I found this a relaxing craft, almost as good as a jigsaw puzzle.

Then there is this hutch that took over the kitchen. I am 95% finished with it, just need to paint the underside of the removable shelves. The photo was taken after the first coat of General Finishes Lamp Black milk paint. Three more coats, then 4 of General Finishes Hogh Performance Top Coat followed. This should be in our Ravenswood booth by the end of the weekend, and I will be happy to have my kitchen back!

I'm not even halfway with this dresser that's dominating the log room right now. Some repairs needed to be made on the drawers before I could proceed. Larry's finished with that part so next week I'll get back to this one. It has the most beautiful mirror! The finish was destroyed on this piece so paint was the best option. I'm layering three colors and distressing and then using an antiquing glaze, so this process takes a while.

Not the prettiest piece I've ever painted but...we needed a good place to store Larry's movies. I was using an old china cabinet we'd bought for $5.00 at an auction and repaired. You can kinda see it in the rear of the above photo. It really did not suit our needs and it was in the way of the door. When we rearranged our Ravenswood booth we realized that we had this TALL wood shelf. It was white and needed painting, so it got a few coats of General Finishes Tuscan Red and some Top Coat. I still need to top coat the movable shelves, and then I can call this one done! I think it will work very well for us, although it's kinda plain.

Then there's this one, and I'm not loving it. We saw the idea online: take an old door, attach a bench/shoe storage box, a shelf and some hooks and voila! A hall stand. But this isn't looking like I envisioned, partly because Larry's vision (rough and primitive) and mine (shabby and kinda chic) were at odds from the get-go. We'll see if I continue to work on it, or if it's one of those start-all-over things.

Our deck is an awesome place to paint. Birdsong all around, sweet scents of flowers, bloom everywhere...the only problem is the itty bitty bits that fall out of the trees or blow on the wind and get in my paint! Yuck.

Tomorrow we're back to booth work, but maybe by Sunday I'll be painting again. There's nothing quite like seeing a piece transform from thrift shop junk to something anyone would be proud to own.

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