Friday, April 3, 2015

A Month of Poetry

It's National Poetry Month! April is beautiful in so many ways, and poetry month is one of them. I look forward to this month every year for the focus on one of my favorite literary forms.

It's also NaPoWriMo--National Poetry Writing Month. It's a challenge to writers to write one poem a day all month. Thirty poems! I've done it in the past, and sometimes I've been successful, sometimes not. I'm trying again this year, so wish me luck. I tend to get overwhelmed with garden work and all sorts of other projects in April as we prepare for summer so we'll see how I do.

How about you? Are you taking the challenge? If you are, please comment below so that I will be sure to read your work. I am looking forward to some fun this month as poets everywhere come out into the open and share their work.

Ready? Let's write!

You can find my poems this month at Mountain Poet. I will post a link every few days so it will be easy to stay caught up. Enjoy!

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