Friday, April 10, 2015


I won't be posting for a few days. so I'm going to do a giveaway contest just for fun!

Here's how it will work: 

Read at least 5 of my former posts and leave a comment on this post as to which 5 you read and why. Each post always has links to past posts at the bottom so it will be pretty easy to find them.


Invite 5 friends to become followers of my blog. For each one that becomes a follower and leaves a comment on this post telling me you invited them, you will get one entry into the drawing--and your friend gets an entry as well!

I will do a drawing when I return for the winners, who will be announced here next week (and winners must leave a comment on that announcement to get their prize). There will be three winners!

Have fun, and good luck!

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Quinn said...

I read ALL your posts, so... :)
Enjoy your time "away"!

Nance said...

We have had internet (data limits) issues so I have not been here nearly as often as I would like. I have visited five posts this evening, though. 1) All the Threads 2) Reflection, and Baking Vintage 3) It's just stuff 4) A Frugal Life and Toothpaste 5) Dryer Lint and Old Candles. And for good measure and because I got carried away 6) The Death of Courtesy. Thanks Sue, for this challenge.

Jenny said...

I read all of your posts but here are the ones I went back to & why. :)
1) April 23. 2013 - the garden picture, I wanted to see how your garden was doing. 70 bags of mulch! ugh - it was a pretty busy weekend.
2)January 15, 2014 The Magic of letting Go, I went to it because of the title. I recently lost a handmade necklace that a friend made - I lost it out shopping so I'm sure I will never find it.
3) April 24, 2013 Weekend Whirl, the house concert. I didn't go back & reread this one because it made such an impression the 1st time around. I would LOVE to come to one of your house concerts.
4) April 25, 2013 Weekend Whirl, Telling Tales - none of the choices appealed to me this time so I picked this one to read.
5) November 15, 2013 First Snowy day photos -I went to this one because I love pics of WV snow.

Can't wait to see what your surprise is!

storytellermary said...

It was fun to randomly scroll back through the last few days and then his the suggested links, and try out the Labels topics for further explorations. We need never run out of good things to read! I've been busy with the A-Z Challenge, so good to catch up . . .

My wanderings included: All the Threads, great metaphor for all the complexities of life
Time to Move Outside, celebrating spring softness
Swaffam, the place of a favorite story
Easter, (still finishing my chocolate bunny ;-)
Possum Drop -- just told Possum and Snake (and learned that possums devour ticks by the hundreds, so go possums!

Hope all goes well for you <3

JBlank said...

I love spring so when I read "Spring is Springing", I just chose the tag spring to read more about spring. Then "Tease", "A Four-Layered Day", "Butterflies, Flutter By" and "A Busy Thursday" all brought more spring into my day.
Thanks for your blog!

annie said...

1. It's Just Stuff, because I loved the picture of the quilt glass in the window, and because I went through my Mama's "Stuff" when she ended up in a nursing care facility. I don't want to do that to my family .Ever. So I have been letting go of things for awhile, not everything, but lots of things that I like, but do not love, and the things I am keeping are reduced in size. I don't have any big pieces of furniture anymore, other than my triple dresser, and my son's piano. I do miss the china cupboards, sideboards, and chifferobes I use to own, esp. the pretty oak ones.

2.All The Threads, I loved the fabric on the chair, and am still amazed that box got to you, with an compote.

3.Transformation, because I like seeing the way you change things. I really love chairs, too.

4. Morning Work. Because I still write out things by hand. Thankful though, that I don't have all those to do that you do! Hand written things are becoming a lost art.

5. I love my Kitchen, because I loved yours, and it felt like a good place to visit with a good friend, a place where I could feel at home.

Fenton is so very lovely. I no longer have any, but in days past, I had many pieces that graced my home.

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