Monday, April 6, 2015

It's time to move outside at last! 

And to eat fresh veggies! The first asparagus graced our table this evening--a typical early spring dinner of leftover Easter ham, potato salad, scrambled eggs and green salad.

The daffodils have struggled and many of them gave up after the big freeze last weekend, but there are still a few standing upright, thank goodness. What would spring be without daffodils?

The spirea is beginning to leaf out too, adding an interesting touch of red to the landscape.

And the forsythia? Later than usual but coming on full force.

And joy of joys, the lilac I bought last year made it though the winter and looks like it might bloom!

It's garden work time for sure; we spread 20 bags of mulch today, with 20 more waiting for us tomorrow. Larry has pruned vines and I've raked out flowerbeds and did some spring cleaning in the cellar. The firepit has been burning almost every evening, mostly just the detritus of winter's tree and shrub damage. Yesterday I planted some gladioli and some tulip and crocus bulbs that somehow got overlooked last fall. We may have tulips blooming in July, for all I know. At least they're in the ground.

Lettuce, onions and radishes are coming up in the garden, and Larry is working on getting the electric fence up around the cabbage and broccoli plants. Soon we'll be head over heels into outdoor work but right now there is still time to sit back and enjoy the slow coming of another season.

It sure feels good.

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Jenny said...

I am so happy when I can start eating meals on the back porch again! We live out there as much as we can.

annie said...

Loved your blue bottles hanging about, and the grass looks so green, that is surely one of the blessings of spring!

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