Thursday, April 23, 2015

Saint Augustine: Porches, Pirates and More

More photos from our trip to Florida. St. Augustine is filled with history--like these "gates to the city", which were built from coquina, a strong sedimentary material made naturally by the oceans of shells and sand into a kind of cement. The city was surrounds by a wall at one time, and to enter you had to go through these gates, which were built in 1808 during the last major repair work on the wall. The wall was actually begun in 1704. 

Color abounds in St. Augustine, and many houses add to the color riot with paints in all shades.

Ah, Spanish moss! I know it's a parasite, I know it's probably not good for the trees, but you truly know you're in the south when you begin seeing it in the trees. Check out the porch on this house.


I particularly liked the deep porches evident on most of the older homes. Many had both upstairs and downstairs porches, a reminder of the old house I grew up in which had a rear upstairs porch.

Porches, porches, porches.

Want to move? This old property is for sale but it looks like a lot of work would be needed!

Ponce de Leon came to Florida looking for the Fountain of Youth. He was certain it was here because the natives had such youthful-looking skin. This bird apparently has little regard for the importance of the man portrayed by this sculpture--poor Ponce!

Henry Flagler, credited with seeing the potential of the Florida climate and location, is credited with bringing growth to the region with his railroad, hotels and other other enterprises. He built the Memorial Presbyterian Church as a memorial to his daughter who died when a young woman.

The church boasts a Tiffany rose window.

Evidence of Spanish influence is everywhere, like in this intricate tilework and windows on one building.

This building is called The Slave Market--it was once used for slave auctions. Although this claim has been contested, recently a historian found documented evidence that slaves were indeed sold here. Today it is a marketplace for artisans.
 Pirates! Well tour guides, anyway, but they certainly add atmosphere to a city that has known its share of the breed in its day.

I have a few more photos to share, I believe, but enough for today. 

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