Sunday, June 21, 2015

Blackwater Falls

It was a fine way to start off my birthday: a visit to West Virginia's grandest waterfall.

I was at Blackwater Falls State Park Saturday evening for a storytelling performance. I love this park--the thick evergreen forests, moss-covered rocks, the river, and the lodge are all worthy of posts of their own. We slept well, then had breakfast in the wood-paneled, window-wrapped dining room. Such food! Light fluffy biscuits with crunchy bottoms, a fresh fruit salad, excellent coffee, eggs, sausage, pancakes--you name it, it was on the breakfast bar and it was all delicious.

Then we visited the falls. It has been a couple years since I was there. I stop whenever I'm in the area because one cannot witness such beauty too many times in a lifetime. The falls were running full after all the rain we've had the past week or so, and they were a tremendous sight to see.

There were many smaller but no less spectacular things to see on the way down:

And finally, the falls:

You can hear for yourself how it was:

I did not venture all the way to the lowest viewing platform on this trip--the steps were a bit slippery from the rain and the humidity was so high it made breathing a little difficult. But I got close enough to satisfy my needs.

Goodbye, Blackwater, until next time!

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annie said...

so very pretty!

Rowan said...

This looks just the kind of place I'd love to visit - the falls look pretty spectacular. Belated Happy Birthday to you as well!

Nance said...

I'm adding this to my "go visit" journal. Thank you!

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