Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Blight Weather

Rain, humidity and heat: the perfect recipe for blight. Already the grapes are showing signs of black rot, even though Larry has worked hard this year to prevent it.

It rained on June 1 and June 2, and some people believe that's a bad sign for the grapes--and for the blackberry crop too. My neighbor Belvie told me that rain on the first of June meant there would be no berries. I wonder, will this year prove her statement?

This week has been hotter than I can recall for the time of year, in the upper 80's-low 90's with rain almost every day. Monsoon season in the mountains. It's good growing weather and the plants I put in recently are doing great. I really hope this isn't the sign of a hot summer, because this one-half English woman does not like hot weather at all. Give me snow and cold any day over heat and humidity.

We humans, though, we worry about what's ahead, don't we? I tried to shrug off my worries yesterday and took a short nap in the porch swing. The gently swaying, the patter of rain, birds singing and the wind in the trees. Ah. This is really what I should be focusing on, and not what might happen that I cannot change anyway.

But I'll be watching my berries, and you keep an eye on your berries if it rained in your area on June first. Let me know if your berries blight. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it won't hold true here.

You know, I might have to have another nap in that swing today.

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Tressa said...

My berry's are getting ripe and there are bunches of them.

Rowan said...

Let's hope that the blight doesn't ruin all the berries - the US is having some pretty grim weather this year so far isn't it? Enjoy your nap on the porch, sounds like a good way to spend the afternoon:)

Mac n' Janet said...

Very hot and humid here, but no rain. Temperatures in the mid to upper 90's. Hope your grapes and blackberries make it through.

Jenny said...

We've had record setting rains all through the month of May & more rain in June. The next two days are under flash flood watches, pretty much how it's been here for awhile. Still, I'm picking blackberries now. There aren't as many as last year though & they don't seem to want to ripen well.

Nance said...

wild black raspberries are abundant in Iowa . . . even with record setting rainfall amounts.

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