Sunday, June 7, 2015

Garden Time

I love this time of year. The gardens are manageable, the flowers bright and as yet not bedraggled from heat, and the weather is almost perfect.

 The trimming was getting a little out of hand in the photo below--the weedeater was in the shop for a week so you know Larry was not happy. He has it back and has trimmed this up since I took the photo.
 Plenty of early spring veggies coming in now--broccoli, lettuce, radishes, onions, peas and snow peas, greens, dill...

My sister Elizabeth made this little sprinkler can with the prisms flowing like water. It's such a bright sparkly thing in the sunlight.

Liz also made the glass totem you can see in this photo, sitting in the bird bath. I had to move it because the dogs knocked it over. Thankfully nothing was broken.

About 15 years ago my son Jon's daughters made this painted pot for me. It was three pots high and had a bird bath dish on top. I loved it! Over the years pieces got broken so all I have left is this one cherished pot.

I was lucky enough to score some concrete planters for $5 apiece this spring. They are so good for my flowers, holding the moisture far longer than my other planters. The crock in the photo is broken badly. I Gorilla-glued it (badly, I'm afraid) and just use it as garden decor. We found the green glider last summer on a Facebook sale page for $35. It's my favorite outdoor seat these days.

Lots of cherries coming on! We've picked twice and have one more picking to do.

The first ones were turned into jam, combined with last year's strawberries and this year's mulberries. Yum!

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Mac n' Janet said...

Your garden is gorgeous! It's already hot here, so lettuce and peas are through. Beans are coming on as are the tomatoes and peppers. The cherries look delicious.

Michelle said...

Your garden area is so lovely. I also like your metal seating.

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