Thursday, June 4, 2015

Rain, Rain

And happy I am to see it, after a long worrying dry spell in May. In this area we average about 44 inches of precipitation a year--a lot by some standards but it's what keeps us so green and lush. And when it doesn't rain for a week or so, I start worrying.

Sunday as I was leaving the grocery store it started to shower while the sun was still shining. I looked for a rainbow but saw none. Still, as I said to a woman beside me, "Rain when the sun shines means rain tomorrow." And that's almost always correct.

The rain crows--morning doves, actually, but Larry has always called them rain crows--are another predictor of coming rain. If they're calling, expect rain within 24 hours. They're not always accurate though. I suppose even birds have opinions about the weather.

No dew in the morning often means rain on the way too, as does cows lying down or huddled under trees, leaves blowing over, a pink or red sunrise, a ring around the moon, and a wind from the south.

Are there any ways that you predict coming weather? I'd love to hear them. Oh, and I left out the most obvious one of all--water all the gardens thoroughly and it will surely rain. That's been our experience, anyhow!

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Mac n' Janet said...

We came home from our trip to a massive storm, in fact our plane was held in Atlanta because Savannah airport had suspended landings and take-offs. When we finally got to our house we saw around the corner a huger, 70-80 foot pine tree down across the road.
At our house only 1 big branch and loads of small ones, no damage though.

Nance said...

If the bunnies run and play of an evening, there will be rain the morrow. In southern Iowa, I have seen plenty of playful bunnies this spring . . . and plenty of showers. Hope it continues to rain on you.

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