Saturday, July 11, 2015

Booth Update: Marietta

We managed to squeeze some time between storytelling trips to take some new things to our Marietta and Ravenswood booths. Summer is a tough time for us because the antique malls are busy and I am on the road so much that getting in to spruce things up is a challenge. I hope we're good to go for the next few weeks now.

Here's a look at Marietta:

We just brought in this buffet to replace the white dresser that sold last week:

 The fun part of this job is deciding how to stage  piece. For this one, I chose a vintage kitchen look, thinking perhaps someone might want to use this as a kitchen island or workstation.

The rustic corner, I call it--lots of old kitchenware here.

And the wall of frames, or framed art and mirrors that is:

 Another new piece for the booth is this oak drop-leaf table. I love this table; it's got a nice rustic/primitive look. Not perfect but very sturdy and versatile.

Table legs--love their shape:

 A few new items on the Hoosier cabinet. The jadeite bowls are steady sellers, as are the aluminum canisters.

More kitchenware:

I added these three Shenandoah pattern casseroles to the Pyrex for sale:

This basket is full of hardware: door knobs of all kinds, valve handles, drawer pulls, you name it.

I love this frame! Wishing I had a place for it at home, actually. And it's probably hanging upside down, come to think of it! I used it to frame a frame that's framing a matchsafe.

Pitchers, anyone?

More primitive stuff: doors, ladders, windows, camp stools, and although you can't see them in this photo, some pieces of picket fence.

Blue on blue: cobalt and French blue vases.

Ah, here's the picket fence, along with an old twin size iron bed.

Looking into one of our booths from outside.

I sold a castor set a couple weeks back, so brought in another one, along with the cool orange bird. Talk about mix-and-match eras--from Victorian to mid-century!

I thought these industrial stools would sell quickly, but perhaps when the college students are back in town they'll find a home.

Another addition is the chippy-paint magazine table. When I started sanding it and saw all the colors underneath, I just loved the look so I sanded it well, waxed and left it be.

That's the quick tour! The Antique Mall of Marietta is open 7 days a week and is located at the corner of Second and Butler in old-town Marietta, Ohio. I'm Dealer #61, so ask if you visit and the staff will show you where my booths are.

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Mac n' Janet said...

Lots of lovely pieces, wish I lived closer I would buy all of your pyrex bowls.

annie said...

great photos!
love so many of these pieces,
esp. the big red bowl!

Quinn said...

If I could visit in real life, that set of jadeite bowls and the pastry blender would come home with me!

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