Sunday, July 26, 2015

In the Pacific Northwest: The Veterans Powwow

The day of the powwow arrived. The new powwow grounds with the arbor built of trees from the reservations' timberlands was ready. 
 All was quiet when we visited the day before the powwow, but vendors were already setting up and workers were busy getting everything set up. The center pole was stunning; the wires will support an awning that can be used when the weather is very hot, or if it is raining. It was not needed for this inaugural event in the new facility.

The entranceway, with Larry checking it out.

Junior Miss Grand Ronde Ayanna, Reyn's niece, with other family members.

Reyn making a welcoming speech.

Ready to begin! These photos are a composite of Friday night and Saturday events, followed by a video of Saturday's grand entrance.

The eagle staff was stunning.

Larry marching with the other veterans. I think those guys enjoyed this!

Dancers followed the veterans.

Larry and Reyn. Ayanna is dancing in the above photo.

Posing with royalty:

 Grass dancers enter the arena. These are dancers in the prairie tradition, as I understand it. Very colorful, with intricate moves.

And then the Grand Entrance! This video is 7 minutes long and really captures the excitement of the powwow.

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Quinn said...

What an adventure! I'm a bit envious!
I am always so interested in other cultures and traditions, but sometimes it's hard to experience them as an outsider without feeling that I may be intruding somehow. It makes all the difference when one is invited to share, and you and Larry have been! Thank you for sharing your trip with us, your readers :)

John "By Stargoose And Hanglands" said...

What a colourful event and your video captures it so well. Nice one, Sue.

Michelle said...

I am also a bit envious. What a beautiful event!

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