Monday, August 17, 2015

Marietta Booth Update

We made two trips to Marietta (OH) last week to restock our booth after a month of neglect. The travel and storytelling in July made it one busy month. Thankfully I'd stuffed the booth full at the end of June so we had one of our best sales months ever despite not being able to get up there.

So here's a few shots of the changes we made. Nothing dramatic, just new things added:

This mirror hung in our house for years, but a few months ago I changed it our for one I liked better. So it got a coat of paint and some distressing and off to the booth.

I layered the frames in this photo. It's hard to believe the mid-century lamps with their original frames have not sold yet. They really are cool, with that Sputnik-Space Era look to them.

I wish someone would buy this table! It's so pretty, has 3 leaves AND table pads to protect the tops and the leaves. At $100 if seems like a good buy to me, but we've had it a good while with no bites. I'm considering painting it but hate to cover that lovely finish. Still, sometimes things just won't sell unless they're painted. Sigh.

Our "smalls" booth Lots of pretty glassware,  a folding rocker and that willow child's rocker, along with a few tables make up the contents of this narrow space.

Need a skillet, anyone? We've got plenty! Of all sizes too.

The "Pyrex Corner" as I think of it, although there is more Pyrex in another of our Marietta spaces. Picket fence pieces, a brass-and-iron bed, old windows and doors, and ladders provide fodder for the more rustic-minded in this corner booth.

That's a quick tour. Today I'll be working a bit in the last booth I need to restock, the one in the barbershop in Parkersburg (WV). Then I will be caught up from July and in good shape for the time I'll be in Ireland.

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Susan Anderson said...

I would buy a table like that one in a second. Hope you don't end up having to paint it! That would be a shame.


Quinn said...

I can never resist poring over every inch of the booth pictures :)

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