Thursday, August 27, 2015

Photos from Ireland

We have been havingssuch a good time here on the green island.  Can't type much on this phone but here's a few pics:first is in Limerick.
Then Adare:

With my friend Gretchen who just moved to Adare.

We stopped in The Locke Pub last night for music and dinner.
This is the River Shannon, which runs right by our Limerick hotel.

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Michelle said...

Thanks for sharing these! Enjoy!!!!!

Nance said...

I wish I were there, with you. I went to Ireland once, on a working vacation. I would love to go back; to be there with you. Enjoy!

Rowan said...

Glad you are enjoying your trip. Adare is a pretty little place isn't it? And there's nothing like an Irish pub for music and a good time.

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