Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Stories from Yesterday

Yesterday Larry had his followup appointment at the VA Hospital in Huntington to see how well his fingers are healing up. They seem to be doing fine, but it's going to take a while.

While we were there we bought some popcorn from the snack bar, a poor lunch but it had to do. We walked from one waiting area to another, eating our popcorn and making everyone hungry for some! The smell of popcorn does have that effect. One man was walking out with us as we were leaving and said, "Man, I smelled that popcorn and wanted to get me some, but she was closing up!" Larry gave the rest of his bag to the man and he grinned from ear to ear.

Of course, the two of them got talking about when they were in the service and Larry told the man bout meeting his Vietnam buddy Reyn again after so many years. And that reminded our companion of something.

"You know, I had a buddy like that in Vietnam too. He lives right down the road here in Wayne. I live in Kentucky. His wife was murdered. She was working in a flower shop and some guy robbed the place and killed her. I read it in the paper, and called my buddy. Went over and visited with him too. Doesn't seem right, something like that happening. She was a nice lady too."

Later we stopped at a store on the way home. An elderly gentleman with a long braid had on a hat that said "Silver Star" along with other military insignia. Larry got into conversation with him and learned that the man was 92 years old, a WWII veteran of many battles, and was a Delaware Indian. They talked for a long while, and the vet invited Larry to "come and sit with me and talk with me" at a powwow at the end of August in Gallipolis, Ohio. We learned that this gentleman was Oscar Goodwin, recipient not only of the Silver Star but seven Bronze Stars. Larry is looking forward to attending the powwow while I'm in Ireland. And I'm sorry I'll have to miss it!

Stories come to us every day, for surprising directions. So glad we were around to talk to these two men.

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Mac n' Janet said...

Isn't it amazing how a few kind words can lead to so much more.

annie said...

small world sometimes.
a lot of the time people just need a listening ear.
bless our Vets! they ought to all be thanked.
Thank you, Sir, for serving our country. to Larry!

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