Monday, September 28, 2015

A Break in Buffalo: Niagara Falls

My trip to Buffalo, NY last weekend had a dual purpose: visiting with my friend and fellow storyteller Lorna Czarnota, and working--presenting a workshop on Appalachian ballads, a storytelling concert for the local Storytelling Cafe, and singing at Lorna's church on Sunday.

We started off the weekend right, with a trip under the Niagara Falls on the Maid of the Mist. While I have visited the Falls twice previously, I can never get enough of them, and I'd never taken the boat ride under the water. So off we went!

Here is looking down from the walkway that leads to the elevator down to the boat:

I got dizzy just looking down! See those little blue dots? Those are people wearing the ponchos given out to keep a person dry on the boat.

And on the bottom, looking up. The elevator comes down that tall shaft.

And there are nets under it? Why? Maybe to catch those who might fall? If so, they wouldn't do much good because they had a lot of torn places.

And there is where we were going...

Getting closer...

and almost into the belly of the beast, as Lorna called it.

The power of the water--and the wind it generated--were astounding. I knew the Falls were powerful, but when you get to this place you really feel it.

It was hard to take photos with both camera and phone, keep my hood up and keep my balance!

And as you can see I didn't do too well with keeping the hood up or staying dry. I was right on top, in the bow so I could see it up close and personal but wow. I can still feel and hear that water and wind as I write this.

As you can see, anyone fool enough to try to go over those Falls in any kind of vessel is asking to die. I mean, look at those piles of rocks!

And back to safety, to dry out and explore some more. My hair loved that water--it was soft and happy the rest of the day.

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Rowan said...

It looks magnificent! I've been within a few miles of Niagara Falls on the Canadian side but never actually seen them, your photos really give a feeling of the power and beauty of the Falls.

Gretel said...

Gosh, that is stunning! I am torn between awe and a vague feeling of sicknees, being a total wuss about heights!

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