Friday, September 18, 2015

Off to Inisheer

Inishmore, Inishmaan, and Inisheer--three small islands off the west coast of Ireland. Their names and the photos I'd seen, and the glimpses in movies, enchanted me. I wanted so much to see them, and on this trip the opportunity came. Theresa and I booked a trip that included time on the smallest and least populated of the three (about 300 residents), Inisheer.

We were thrilled when the Galway Tour Company offered to pick us up and drop us off at our hotel, which saved us a good bit in taxi fare. Tom, our driver, was as entertaining as can be, with humor and history in a wild mix that kept us laughing and listening all day.

Here's a photo journal of our trip out to the island. More photos later of Inisheer itself. There are just too many for one post!

Winding roads, just like home! More rocks, though. That's the Burren you can see in the photo--rock mountains, basically. I'll have more about the Burren in another post.

Small villages, narrow roads,

castles, water...

just plain beautiful. Breathtaking actually.

We passed through a small town that was having their market day,

and then on to this. Words fail me.

Then on the ferry to Inisheer. This is looking back at Doolin, the place we left from.

The color of the water was bluer than I could even imagine.

The boat did some rocking and rolling on the way out, as you can see in this video. Sorry for my finger over the lens, but it was all I could do to hold my phone and my balance to shoot this. And they said it was a MUCH calmer day than the day before.

The pilot steered with his feet, basically, no hands. Even though the boat was rocking, he said it was smooth water on this day.

And ahead, the old shipwreck on the shore, and the little island village huddled on the shore.

Oh that turquoise water!

And here we are on shore. Now, off to explore...

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Rowan said...

It all looks very beautiful but I'm really glad I wasn't on that ferry with you!

Granny Sue said...

It was a fun ride, but I think a few people got queasy. I was too busy to worry about it. So much to see!

JJM said...

That water is about as close to pure blue as I've seen since the Mediterranean (which looks surreal). You're obviously having the time of your life, and I'm so glad you're taking us along like this.

Michelle said...

Looking forward to more! What a beautiful place!

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