Sunday, October 4, 2015

On a Different Topic: Finds

Believe it or not, I still have a couple posts to write about Ireland, but today I thought I'd show a few things I've found lately for my booths and for home. I've cut back a lot on buying the past few months, trying to reduce the stockpile I already have! But this gets into your blood, and stopping altogether doesn't see possible.

Especially when you see something like this: a lovely green Hazel Atlas marked bowl.

Then there was this, marked $125. Well, it looked better in the shop, really! We took the drawers out and the mirror off to move it. I was going to pass it up but the dealer offered it to us for $50, so what could I do? Larry is already at work fixing the drawers.

 Here's the top. The debate now is paint or strip? Paint is faster and sells better, but this is oak...

and look at this mirror! stripping means a lot of work to strip the mirror frame with all those details (there are more in the harp that supports it) and it would paint so beautifully. I'm torn on this one. Yes, those are my red shoes--I love them :)

Then this dressing table was pointed out to me by a friend...

with it's mirror, and again we got it for a lot less than the posted price.

At a thrift shop, I found this heavy crystal lamp and a shade to go with it...

and a tea cart that needs some love and paint,

not to mention one of two or five suitcases...

and smalls, lots of things too good to pass up.

This little milk glass hen on nest was so cute,

and she eve had little bitty biddies inside!

The blue granite teapot was only 49 cents--totally filthy dirty, but it's cleaning up well. The mid-century cookie jar caught my heart, and for $3.00? Yeah, it's a keeper.

And you know I love old glass, right? The cut-log pattern compote was a Facebook find for $2.00, and the old spooner with a mismatched lid was supposed to be $2 but I decided at the register not to get it because there's a sizable chip on the rim. The clerk said, "How about 50 cents? Because it will just go in the dumpster soon." So here it is at my house. Savior of useless glass, that's me. Anyone interested in a 1880's-1890's era spooner in rough shape? yours for the asking, and I'll pay postage!

This enormous compote was a find at a friend's thrift shop. For $10, I about fell over trying to get it! This one's a keeper too.

There's an infuser inside this cozy-covered teapot! I'll be back to using loose tea as soon as my stock of Bewley's Irish Breakfast teabags is used up. That's dust on it, all right--we're still seeing some fallout from last month's bathroom renovations.

A just-for-me ebay buy--a pretty tangerine vase by Blenko. The cake stands were thrift shop finds.

And this creamer and sugar-wow! Anybody know the pattern? I just got them and haven't had time to look them up, but look at that lace edge! I'm sure the sugar is missing its lid.

Mugs ad mugs...Pyrex and probably a red Hazel Atlas or maybe Federal.

Another old compote and two Prescut shakers.

I haven't identified the pattern of the compote yet, but my gut says this one could be as old as 1870's, judging by the glass.

This clock was actually a metallic color, but I painted it and added some antiquing glaze. I like it a lot better this way. It's heading to a booth.

I'm thinking of painting this two tier metal basket a persimmon color, and antiquing it. What do you think? It would certainly give it an autumn look.

This chrome tidbit tray and small wineglasses were all very dirty but cleaned up well. The glasses are quite old pattern glass, late 1800's, but I haven't had time to ID them yet.

I was on my way to my sister's house before we left for Ireland when I passed a yard sale that had this huge basket out by the road. It came home with me, but it will be headed to a booth soon.

Little copper oil lamp needed a shade, and I just happened to have a milk glass one on hand.

Cute magazine rack was only $3 but it needs a bottom in it.

These were incredibly cheap finds at a charity shop.

My Blenko collection continues to grow. I desperately need a place to display it. The odd-shaped one in the center was a real find, a rare piece from the early 60's. The tall green one on the right was one that I passed up originally but couldn't get it out of my mind so I called the mall to hold it for me. I am not 100% sure it is Blenko, but I'm fairly certain it is a piece from around 1980.

More Blenko and a few pieces by other makers. I would love to have a glass display case for these. Maybe one day. The tangerine (like the amberina of other glassmakers) is my favorite of the Blenko colors but I am finding myself drawn more and more to the greens and blues.

That's a bit of what we've found lately. Now to pack it all away and get the furniture fixed up to sell. The fun part is over--now the work begins!

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Michelle said...

I have never seen a glass hen with the little chicks inside! So cute!

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Such great finds Suzanne, I always love your posts about your finds (and booth views too).

Marilyn said...

I love your blog --- the vintage finds, the Ireland trip, the storytelling! I love it all. Are you serious about the spooner? I'd take it, for sure. I used to have several spooners, but in a moment of generosity, I gave one to each of my daughters and daughters-in-law. And now my spoons are in a pitcher. I don't often get to antique, stores, thrift stores or even garage sales these days, but when I have been, no spooners. I'm guessing that sort of thing is more common in the east and south.

Granny Sue said...

Marilyn, I am certainly serious--it needs a home.I didn't need it but couldn't bear to think of them smashing it and tossing in a dumpster, which is what they do with glass they don't sell. Email me your address and I will get it in the mail to you. My email is susannaholstein at yahoo dot com. Thank you!

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