Thursday, October 15, 2015

Separation: A Short and Shivery Tale

Ezariah had money in his pockets, booze in his bottle. All was right with his world.

Until the knife that separated his head from his body with one savage slice.

So there was his head, staring back at him. It was puzzling. How could he see if his eyes were down there on the ground?

His body was there too, sprawled and bloody.

A car stopped.

“Help me!” Ezariah shouted, “Help me!”

A woman screamed. A man stared at the headless body, horrified.

“Hey buddy, help me!”

The man turned, eyes wide. Then his screams joined those of the woman.

Copyright Susanna Holstein. All rights reserved. No Republication or Redistribution Allowed without attribution to Susanna Holstein.


Rowan said...


Loren Eaton said...

Holy mackerel. This would made a great voodoo-themed tale.

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