Monday, November 23, 2015

Morning Windows

It's a cold one today. We started out at 25 degrees and it has slowly warmed up. This was our first killing frost, so the flowers I posted yesterday are gone. The mulberry shed all its leaves in about 2 hours time this morning.

The sun sparkled up the windows when it arrived.

It's hard to believe this big jar is over 125 years old. This is pattern glass, and the pattern is "Block" by George Duncan and Sons, circa 1889. Isn't its sparkle beautiful? I bought this in two different places. I found it first in an auction lot, but the jar was cracked. I kept it anyway because I just loved the way it glinted in the light. A couple years later I found a replacement jar, so now I have a really nice old piece.

In the kitchen, the windowsill has been taken over by trumpet-shaped vases. Some are old glass, some are newer, but apparently I like this shape because I suddenly realized I had a lot of them. The red one in the center is stretch glass and is currently listed on eBay.

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Michelle said...

You really have some nice glass pieces.

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